What We Do:

We help people achieve their best through deliberate practice.

Our Brands

Our Approach

Through our unique approach to deliberate practice, we develop software platforms that connect creators, instructors, and performers allowing them to publish, teach and train using the proven principles of deliberate practice: set a specific goal, get expert instruction, perform focused practice and receive immediate feedback. This shared approach is the common thread connecting our brands.

  1. 1. Specific Goal
    Your journey starts by defining a very specific, achievable goal.
  2. 2. Expert Instruction
    With instruction and motivation, you will stay focused, make the most of your time and overcome all obstacles.
  3. 3. Focused Practice
    With an expert's instruction, your practice will be purposeful and just the right amount, not too much or too little.
  4. 4. Immediate Feedback
    Pay attention to the feedback you receive, learn and adapt.

Following these steps over and over will help you improve from novice to expert.